A Tradition Of Fine Dentistry

Office History

Vallera Family & Cosmetic Dentistry would like to welcome patients and their families to explore the incredible history that resides within the practice.

Dr. Paul Welch originally founded the practice, once called Paul X Welch DDS, in 1964. Dr. Welch, now 81, is the youngest of three generations of dentists in his family.

The Welch tradition began with his father, Francis and two uncles, Michael and Edward, when they opened their practice in downtown Springfield in 1910.

Dr. Welch graduated from American International College, Baltimore College of Dental Surgery and the University of Maryland.   His late brother, Francis (“Dutch”) Welch, also attended the University of Maryland where they were classmates for a bit. Francis followed in his father’s footsteps and opened a practice in the heart of Springfield that operated from the 1960s to about 2000.

The Welch family is believed to have been the largest and longest practicing group of dentists from the same family in Western Massachusetts. With 107 years under their belts, the Welch family has followed patients through three generations with exceptional dental care.

In 1996, Dr. Welch and Dr. Vallera became partners.

“Dr. Welch was a tremendous mentor to me, and I consider him family to this day,” Dr. Vallera explained. “I feel incredibly lucky to have worked with him for all these years.”

Dr. Vallera also upholds the tradition of fine, family dentistry by having a lineage of dental professionals in her family.

Dr. Vallera, her sister, Dr. Janice and brother, Dr. John all graduated from dental school at Case Western Reserve University: Dr. Vallera in 1992, Dr. John in 1984 and Dr. Janice in 1999. Dr. John and Dr. Janice both own private practices – Dr. Janice, an orthodontist with practices in Tolland CT, West Springfield and Longmeadow MA and Dr. John, a general dentist practicing in the family’s home town of Steubenville, OH.  

With both Dr. Welch and Dr. Vallera having three generations of dental history in their families, it’s safe to say that their visions for the practice have always been in sync.           

“We promise that the integrity of the practice will stay just where Dr. Welch left it,” Dr. Vallera said. “There’s a lot to be said about the Welch family name. It’s something special.”