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The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry suggests for a child to be seen by a dentist upon the arrival of the first tooth, and no later than his or her first birthday. We at VFCD want to make your child’s dental journey an amazing experience by establishing a trusting relationship. We guarantee that these appointments remain fun, informative and educational. 

Dental Anxiety:

It is normal for your child to be nervous about visiting the dentist. They may experience fear and anxiety in anticipation of their appointment. It is our job to help you and your child get through this fear by making them feel at ease. We will help guide you through this process and can ensure you a pleasant and comfortable experience. VFCD’s friendly environment will help you and your family feel relaxed to allow for an effortless appointment.


Thumb Sucking & Pacifier Habits:

Thumb sucking and pacifier habits are extremely normal for babies and young children. It provides security.   Most children stop this habit on their own between the ages of two and five. However, some children continue these habits over long periods of time. In these children, the upper-front teeth may tip towards the lip or not come in properly. Frequent or intense habits over a prolonged period of time can affect the bite, as well as the growth of the jaws and bones that support the teeth. This can only be successfully treated at a young age, which is why it is so important for your child to be seen by a dentist upon the appearance of his or her first tooth. We will carefully watch the way your child’s teeth erupt and jaws develop, keeping the sucking habit in mind at all times while providing simple and effective solutions. If appropriate, an orthodontic consultation may be needed.


Sealants are used to help prevent tooth decay. They act as barriers to cavity-prone areas and are usually applied to the chewing surfaces of back teeth and sometimes used to cover deep pits and grooves. Both primary and permanent teeth can benefit from sealants as they hold up well under the force of normal chewing and may last several years before a reapplication is needed.

Toothbrushes cannot always reach these back teeth, so the bacterium does not get removed. These crevices can easily collect decay-causing bacteria; sealants will help protect those spots.

The likelihood of developing pit and fissure decay begins early in life, so children and teenagers are obvious candidates. Adults can benefit from sealants as well.


Key Ingredients in Preventing Tooth Decay and Maintaining a Healthy Mouth:

  • Brushing twice a day with an ADA-accepted fluoride toothpaste
  • Cleaning between the teeth daily with floss or another interdental cleaner
  • Eating a balanced diet and limiting snacks
  • Visiting your dentist regularly

We at VFCD will help educate you and your family and can provide you with plenty of educational dental health materials.